By-Laws (Sault Ringette Club)





ARTICLE I                          GENERAL

1.1                Purpose These By-laws relate to the general conduct of the affairs of the Sault Ringette Club.


1.2                Definitions - The following terms have these meanings in these By-laws:

a)       Act – the Ontario Corporations Act or any successor legislation including the Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, 2010 (upon becoming law).

b)       Auditor – an individual appointed by the Members at the Annual Meeting to audit the books, accounts, and records of the Corporation for a report to the Members at the next Annual Meeting in accordance with the Act. 

c)       Board – the Board of Directors of the Corporation.

d)       Coordinator – a position appointed by the Board to sit on committees and/or perform certain duties on behalf of the Board

e)       Corporation – the Sault Ringette Club.

f)        Days – days including weekends and holidays.

g)       Director – an individual elected or appointed to serve on the Board pursuant to these By-laws.

h)       Officer – an individual elected or appointed to serve as an Officer of the Corporation pursuant to these By-laws. 

i)         Ordinary Resolution – a resolution passed by a majority of the votes cast on that resolution.

j)        Special Resolution – a resolution passed by a majority of not less than two-thirds of the votes cast on that resolution.


1.3                Registered Office – The registered office of the Corporation will be located within the Province of Ontario.


1.4                Corporate Seal - The Corporation may have a corporate seal, which may be adopted and may be changed by Ordinary Resolution of the Board.


1.5                No Gain for Members – The Corporation will be carried on without the purpose of gain for its Members and any profits or other accretions to the Corporation will be used in promoting its objects.


1.6                Ruling on By-laws – Except as provided in the Act, the Board will have the authority to interpret any provision of these By-laws that is contradictory, ambiguous, or unclear, provided such interpretation is consistent with the objects of the Corporation.


1.7                Conduct of Meetings – Unless otherwise specified in these By-laws, meetings of Members and meetings of the Board will be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order (current edition).


1.8                  Interpretation – Words importing the singular will include the plural and vice versa, words importing the masculine will include the feminine and vice versa, and words importing persons will include bodies corporate. Words importing an organization name, title, or program will include any successor organizational name, title, or program.


ARTICLE II                        MEMBERSHIP

2.1                Categories – The Corporation has one category of membership as follows:

a)       General Member – A minimum of ten (10) and a maximum of fifty (50) individuals who have interest or expertise in the sport of Ringette, who have applied to be General Members of the Corporation, who have been approved as General Members of the Corporation by the Board, and who have agreed to abide by the Corporation’s By-laws, policies, procedures, rules and regulations.


Admission and Renewal of Members

2.2                Admission of Members – Any candidate will be admitted as a Member or renewed as a Member if:

a)       The candidate member makes an application for membership in a manner prescribed by the Corporation;

b)       The candidate member was at any time previously a Member, the candidate member was a Member in good standing at the time of ceasing to be a Member;

c)       The candidate member has paid dues as prescribed by the Board;

d)       The candidate member agrees to uphold and comply with the Corporation’s governing documents;

e)       The candidate member meets any other condition of membership determined by the Board;

f)        The candidate member has met the applicable definition listed in Section 2.1; and

g)       The candidate member has been approved by Ordinary Resolution by the Board or by any committee or individual delegated this authority by the Board.


Membership Dues and Duration

2.3                Year – Unless otherwise determined by the Board, the membership year of the Corporation will be July 1st to June 30th.


2.4                Dues – Membership dues will be determined annually by the Board.


2.5                Duration – Membership duration is accorded on an annual basis and Members will re-apply for membership annually. Honourary Members are not required to re-apply for membership.


2.6                Deadline – Members will be notified in writing of the membership dues at any time payable, and if the membership dues are not paid within sixty (60) days of the membership renewal date or notice of default, the Member in default will automatically cease to be a Member of the Corporation. 


Transfer, Suspension, and Termination of Membership

2.7                Transfer – Membership in the Corporation is non-transferable.


2.8                Termination – Membership in the Corporation will terminate immediately upon:

a)       The expiration of the Member’s annual membership, unless renewed in accordance with these By-laws;

b)       The Member fails to maintain any of the qualifications or conditions of membership described in Section 2.1 of these By-laws;

c)       Resignation by the Member by giving written notice to the Corporation;

d)       Dissolution of the Corporation;

e)       The Member’s death; or

f)        By Ordinary Resolution of the Board or of the Members at a duly called meeting, provided fifteen (15) days notice is given and the Member is provided with reasons and the opportunity to be heard.  Notice will set out the reasons for termination of membership and the member receiving the notice will be entitled to submit a written submission opposing the termination.


2.9                May Not Resign – A Member may not resign from the Corporation when the Member is subject to disciplinary investigation or action of the Corporation.


2.10            Arrears – A Member will be expelled from the Corporation for failing to pay membership dues or monies owed to the Corporation by the deadline dates prescribed by the Corporation.


2.11            Discipline – In addition to expulsion for failure to pay membership dues, a Member may be disciplined in accordance with the Corporation’s policies and procedures relating to the discipline of Members.


2.12            Dues Payable – Any dues, subscriptions, or other monies owed to the Corporation by suspended or expelled Members will remain due.


Good Standing

2.13            Definition – A Member will be in good standing provided that the Member:

a)       Has not ceased to be a Member;

b)       Has not been suspended or expelled from membership, or had other membership restrictions or sanctions imposed;

c)       Has completed and remitted all documents as required by the Corporation;

d)       Has complied with the By-laws, policies, and rules of the Corporation;

e)       Is not subject to a disciplinary investigation or action by the Corporation, or if subject to disciplinary action previously, has fulfilled all terms and conditions of such disciplinary action to the satisfaction of the Board; and

f)        Has paid all required membership dues.


2.14            Cease to be in Good Standing - Members that cease to be in good standing, as determined by the Board or a Disciplinary Panel will not be entitled to vote at meetings of the Members or be entitled to the benefits and privileges of membership until such time as the Board is satisfied that the Member has met the definition of good standing.




3.1                Annual Meeting - The Corporation will hold meetings of Members at such date, time and place as determined by the Board within the Province of Ontario. The Annual Meeting will be held within fifteen (15) months of the last Annual Meeting and within six (6) months of the Corporation’s fiscal year end. Any Member, upon request, will be provided, not less than twenty-one (21) days before the annual meeting, with a copy of the approved financial statements, auditor’s report or review engagement report.


3.2                Special Meeting - A Special Meeting of the Members may be called at any time by Ordinary Resolution of the Board or upon the written requisition of ten percent (10%) or more of the Members for any purpose connected with the affairs of the Corporation that does not fall within the exceptions listed in the Act or is otherwise inconsistent with the Act, within twenty-one (21) days from the date of the deposit of the requisition.


3.3                Participation/Holding by Electronic Means – Any person entitled to attend a meeting of Members may participate in the meeting by telephonic or electronic means that permits all participants to communicate adequately with each other during the meeting if the Corporation makes such means available. A person so participating in a meeting is deemed to be present at the meeting.  The Directors or Members, as the case may be, may determine that the meeting be held entirely by telephonic or electronic means that permit all participants to communicate adequately with each other during the meeting.


3.4                Notice - Written or electronic notice of the date of the Annual Meeting of the Members will be given to all Members in good standing, Directors, and the Auditor at least ten (10) days and not more than fifty (50) days prior to the date of the meeting. Notice will contain a reminder of the right to vote by proxy or by absentee ballot, a proposed agenda, reasonable information to permit Members to make informed decisions, nominations of Directors, and the text of any resolutions or amendments to be decided.


3.5                Waiver of Notice – Any person who is entitled to notice of a meeting of the Members may waive notice, and attendance of the person at the meeting is a waiver of notice of the meeting, unless the person attends the meeting for the express purpose of objecting to the transaction of any business on the grounds that the meeting was not lawfully called in accordance with these By-laws.


3.6                Error or Omission in Giving Notice - No error or omission in giving notice of any meeting of the Members shall invalidate the meeting or make void any proceedings taken at the meeting.


3.7                New Business - No other item of business will be included in the notice of the meeting of the Members unless notice in writing of such other item of business, or a Member’s proposal, has been submitted to the Board sixty (60) days prior to the meeting of the Members in accordance with procedures as approved by the Board.  Copies of all such proposals together with copies of any amendments thereto then proposed by the Board and copies of all resolutions put forward by the Board shall be sent to all Members with the agenda and the notice calling an Annual Meeting.


3.8                Quorum – Fifty percent (50%) of voting Member present or by proxy will constitute a quorum. If a quorum is present at the opening of a meeting of the Members, the Members present may proceed with the business of the meeting, even if a quorum is not present throughout the meeting.


3.9                Closed Meetings – Meetings of Members will be closed to the public except by invitation of the Board.


3.10            Agenda – The agenda for the Annual Meeting will at least include:

a)       Call to order

b)       Establishment of quorum

c)       Approval of the agenda

d)       Approval of minutes of the previous Annual Meeting

e)       Presentation and approval of reports

f)        Report of Auditors

g)       Appointment of Auditors

h)       Presentation of Budget

i)         Approval of membership dues and related fees

j)        Business as specified in the meeting notice

k)       Election of new Directors

l)         Adjournment


3.11            Scrutineers – At the beginning of each meeting, the Board may appoint one or more scrutineers who will be responsible for ensuring that votes are properly cast and counted.


3.12            Adjournments - With the majority consent of the Members present and quorum is ascertained, the Members may adjourn a meeting of Members and no notice is required for continuation of the meeting, if the meeting is held within thirty (30) days.  Any business may be brought before or dealt with at any adjourned meeting which might have been brought before or dealt with at the original meeting in accordance with the notice calling the same.


3.13            Attendance - The only persons entitled to attend a meeting of the Members are the Members, the Directors, the auditors of the Corporation (or the person who has been appointed to conduct a review engagement, if any) and others who are entitled or required under any provision of the Act or the articles to be present at the meeting.  Any other person may be admitted only if invited by the Chair of the meeting or with the majority consent of the Members present at the meeting.


Voting at Meetings of Members

3.14            Voting Rights – Regular Members will have one (1) vote each at meetings of Members.


3.15            Proxy Voting – Every Member entitled to vote at a meeting of Members may, by means of a proxy, appoint a proxy holder, or one or more alternate proxy holders, to attend and vote on behalf of the Member. The proxy holder need not be a Member.  A proxy must:

a)       Be signed by the Member;

b)       Be in a form that complies with the Act;

c)       Comply with the format stipulated by the Corporation; and

d)       Be submitted to the Registered Office of the Corporation at least two (2) business days prior to the meeting of the Members


3.16            Absentee Voting – A Member may vote in writing in advance of the meeting of the Members on published proposed resolutions and for the election of Directors by so indicating the vote to the Secretary prior to the vote being taken.


Old Bylaws replaced by the new Bylaws above.
By-Law 2006-01

To operate under the Sault Ringette Club’s Constitution, By-Laws and Operating Manual. (updated May 7, 2014)

 By-Law 2006-02

Election of the Board of Directors.

 2006-02.1The affairs of the Sault Ringette Club shall be managed by a Board of five (5) Directors each of whom at the time of election or appointment shall be registered as a Member of the Corporation.

2006.02.2The Board of Directors shall consist of the following:


  1. President
  2. Vice-President
  3. Treasurer 
  4. Registrar
  5. Marketing Director
  6. Past President – advisory role only

2006.02.3       The Board of Directors shall be elected by majority vote at the Annual General Meeting of the Association as follows:          

2006.02.4        The positions of President, and Treasurer,  shall be elected in even numbered years.

2006.02.5        The positions of Vice-President, Marketing Director and Registrar shall be elected in odd numbered years.

2006.02.6        In the event that there is only one candidate nominated for a position, the nominee shall be acclaimed to the position.


By-Law 2006-03

Day to Day Operations

2006.03.1        The Board of Directors shall update the Operations Manual as required to clarify policy regarding the general operation of the Sault Ringette Club.  The manual is supplemental to the Constitution and may be changed or added to when necessary at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


2006.03.2        The Board of Directors shall appoint Coordinators to standing and ad hoc committees annually.  Each committee shall have terms of reference, providing this shall be within the aims and objectives and not contrary to the Constitution.


2006.03.3        The Directors may hold a meeting by telephone provided each Director can hear each other Director and may speak to each other Director.


2006.03.4        Questions arising at any meeting of Directors shall be decided by a majority of votes.  All votes at any such meeting shall be taken by ballot if so demanded by any Director present, but if no demand be made the vote shall be taken in the usual way by assent or dissent.   A declaration by the Chair that a resolution has been carried and an entry to that effect in the minutes shall be admissible in evidence as prima facie proof of the fact without proof of the number of votes recorded in favour of or against such resolution.  In the absence of the President, the Vice-President or such other Director may perform those duties as the Board may from time to time appoint for the purpose.


By-Law 2006-04

Board of Director Qualifications


2006.04.1       To hold office, a Director shall be eighteen years of age or over, reside in Canada and must be duly elected by members of the Sault Ringette Club in good standing.  No Director may act as coach, trainer, or manager of any house league team unless approved by the Board of directors.


2006.04.2       One person may hold more than one office except the offices of President or Vice-President. The interest arising out of membership is not transferable and lapses and ceases to exist upon death/resignation/termination.  Each board member of the  of the Sault Ringette Club shall be entitled to one vote at all Board meetings, with the exception of the President who may be required to cast an additional vote in the case of a tie.


2006.04.3       All active members of the Sault Ringette Club Board of Directors and all team staff applicants and volunteers will be required to undergo a criminal records check.  These checks will be confidential and will be screened as recommended by the Board of Directors.  Any member of, or applicant for the Sault Ringette Club may be disqualified from active participation for the following reasons:

           a) Conviction for sexual assault, assaults, any serious criminal offences, any offences involving minors and/or any history of violence.

           b) Any recent convictions for other offences will be considered for frequency and seriousness however may not result in disqualification.


By-Law 2006-05

Code of Ethics


2006.05.1        All Board of Directors must declare any potential conflict of interest regarding an item on the agenda of a Board Meeting before discussion takes place pertaining to the item.  The remaining board members shall decide whether a conflict of interest exists.  If it is determined that conflict exists, the member in question shall remove him or herself from the discussion and any vote on that particular item.


2006.05.2        No board member shall divulge the contents of a discussion deemed confidential to anyone outside the Board of Directors, except where directed to by the Board of Directors.


2006.05.3        Under no circumstance shall it be disclosed how a particular member has voted on any issue.


2006.05.4        All board members should conduct themselves in a manner befitting their position when acting on behalf of the Sault Ringette Club.


2006.05.5        Any Director on the Board with a concern that relates to their child or team must address their concern through the proper channels.


2006.05.6        Any voting member of the Sault Ringette club will have the right to make a written complaint to the President if they feel that any Board member has violated this code.


2006.05.7        Any person accused of violating the above bylaws will have a meeting with the Board of Directors or such other committee as may be appointed by the Board of Directors at which time they will have the opportunity to answer any such charge.  The penalty for violating this code may range from a reprimand to outright dismissal from the Board of Directors.


By-Law 2007-01

Board of Directors


1.      Division of Duties and Responsibilities:


1.1 The President shall:

1.1.1    Preside at all meetings

1.1.2    Prepare an agenda for all such meetings

1.1.3    Exercise the power and authority of the Board of Directors in cases of emergency, subject to ratification by the entire Board at the next meeting.

1.1.4    Be the official spokesman for the association

1.1.5    Be charged with the general management and supervision of the affairs and operations of the Sault Ringette Club.

1.1.6    Be an ex-officio member of all standing and ad hoc committees

1.1.7    Co-sign cheques signed by the Treasurer

1.1.8    May be required to cast an additional vote in the case of a tie.

1.1.9    Ensure that all officers and directors perform their duties.

1.2         The Vice-President shall:


1.2.1    Perform the duties of the President in his/her absence or at his/her request and he/she shall then have all the powers and rights of the President.

1.2.2    May be required to cast an additional vote in the case of a tie, when acting as the President.

1.2.3    Assist the President in performing his/her duties and may hold the position of chairperson of any ad hoc or any standing committee.

1.2.4    Perform other duties as assigned

1.2.5    In the absence of the President, co-sign cheques signed by Treasurer.


1.3         The Past President shall:


1.3.1    Carry out all duties assigned by the Board of Directors and act as an advisor to the Board of Directors.

1.3.2    Provide support and knowledge to the President and Vice-President as required.


1.4         The Treasurer shall:


1.4.1    Pay all accounts by cheque, signed by him/herself and one of either the President or Vice-President.

1.4.2    Keep complete and accurate records of accounts in which shall be recorded all receipts and disbursements of the Sault Ringette Club, and report at all regular annual general meetings.

1.4.3    Provide records and documents to the auditor for verification

1.4.4    Administer and direct the financial affairs of any standing or ad-hoc committee


1.5                  The Registrar shall:

1.5.1    Organize registrations in September of each year, and be responsible for making all necessary arrangements.

1.5.2    Be the sole keeper of waiting lists for each age group and be responsible for placing of players from this list onto a house league team.

1.5.3    Register all players with the provincial association and Ringette Canada as required by the Board of Directors.

1.5.4    File any required corporate business returns as required by Corporations Branch.

1.5.5    Perform other duties as assigned.


                   1.6   The Marketing Coordinator shall:

            a.         Be responsible for all promotions dealing with the Sault Ringette Club including media releases, advertising and notice of fund-raising events for the Sault Ringette Club.  Travel Team Promotions and Publicity must be approved by the Board of Directors of the Sault Ringette Club and are the responsibility of the individual travel teams.

            b.         Promote awareness and other programs associated with Ringette Canada.

            c.         Perform other duties as assigned.



By-Law 2007-02



2007.02.1           The Board of Directors will appoint the following positions.


2007.02.1.The Secretary shall:

                  a)  Issue notice of all meetings

      b) Maintain records of proceedings and meetings and keep an accurate record of all business transactions of the Sault Ringette Club.  He/she shall also have custody of all documents and records, except financial, pertaining to the affairs of the Sault Ringette Club except as hereinafter assigned.

                  c)  Assist the president in planning agendas for meetings.                             d) Collect the mail at the Post Office Box

e) Write letters the Board of Directors deem necessary to conduct the business of the Sault Ringette Club.

f)  Be the official liaison between the Sault Ringette Club and provincial ringette association and ensure that all correspondence is brought before the Board of Directors

g) Perform other duties as assigned.


              2007.02.1.2 The Coaching Development Coordinator shall under the Vice-President.:

1.6.1    Act on behalf of coaches’ and other coaching support staff’s concerns, complaints or protests in all divisions.

1.6.2   Represent every coach and support staff in all matters pertaining to suspensions or expulsions.

1.6.3   Be responsible for the ongoing development and updating of coaching materials and resources.

1.6.4.   Be responsible to coordinate coaches’ clinics, skill development, clinics, and tests available from the provincial association or Ringette Canada.

1.6.5   Record coaching staff qualifications

1.6.6   Perform other duties as assigned.

1.6.7   Ensure criminal records checks are completed for all

            appropriate volunteers as directed by the Board of Directors.


2007.02.1.3     The Equipment Coordinator shall under the Vice-President:


            a.   Keep an inventory of all Sault Ringette Club equipment.

            b.   Sign out equipment to coaches

            c.   Replace used or damaged equipment during the season subject to request approval.

            d.   Purchase equipment as approved in the budget

            e.   Be responsible for the equipment education of all coaches, parents, and players

            f.   Collect and store all jerseys and equipment at the end of the season.

            g.   Perform other duties as assigned.


2007.02.1.4     The Banquet/Awards Coordinator shall under the direction of the Registrar:

            a.  Send out tenders for banquet costs

            b.  Arrange banquets

      c.  Be responsible for determining year-end awards, special awards, their procurement and distribution.

            d.  Maintain an up-to-date log of all trophies and previous winners.


2007.02.1.5 The Statistics Coordinator shall under the direction of the Registrar:

            a.  Compile and analyze statistics for teams and players within their respective leagues from the game sheets.

                        b.  Publish team standings

                        c.  Other duties as assigned.

2007.02.1.6 The Sponsorship Chairperson shall under the direction of the   Treasurer of the Sault Ringette Club   

a.         Act as liaison between the Club and its Sponsors.

b.         Solicit new sponsorships on behalf of the Club and its members.

c.         Service and maintain existing sponsorship agreements

d.         Have the authority to enter into a contract agreement on behalf of the Club with its sponsors

e.         Report to the Board of Directors in writing monthly through the Treasurer giving an up-to-date report on the status of sponsorships.


2007.02.1.7     The Ice Manager under the direction of the Vice -President shall:

a.         Secure ice time on behalf of the Club at various arenas.

b.         Schedule the various divisions for the purpose of games and practices.

c.         Prepare a written report monthly for the Treasurer showing distribution, rental and usage of ice.

d.         Reschedule cancellations


2007.02.1.8     The Fund Raising Coordinator shall under the direction of the Treasurer:

a.         Supervise the raising of funds to support the club annually by the sale of plastic wrap/foil or such other fund raiser as agreed upon by the Board of Directors.

b.         Supervise such other fund raising activities as directed by the Board of Directors.


2007.02.1.9     League            Coordinators under the direction of the Vice-President shall:

            a.  Appoint a convenor to act as your alternate in your absence.

            b.  Attend executive meetings.

      c.  Implement the procedures of Risk Management Measures keeping the player safe both on and off the ice.

      d.  Preside over draft with the Registrar.

      e.   Be a liaison between the coaches and their parents as well as the parents/coaches and board of directors

      f.   Administer and direct the affairs in person or through convenors (be in attendance at all league scheduled games and monitor practices

      g.  Make sure game sheets, rings and timekeepers and shotclocks are available for games.

      h.   Make sure the dressing rooms and ice is safe for players and coaches at games and practices.

      i.   Ensure that equal\fair ice time rule is followed (whichever applies)

      j.   Keep a record of game sheets

      k.   Submit a written report monthly to the Board of Directors about your teams and league

       l.   Submit a yearend report evaluating the performance and actions of the coaching staff in their leagues.


2007.02.1.10     The Protest and Discipline Coordinator under the direction of the Vice-president will:

a.         Ensure that all policies and playing rules of the Sault Ringette Club are strictly enforced.

b.         Assess and evaluate any game protest submitted.

c.         Be aware of any probable circumstances that could be detrimental to the operation of the Sault Ringette Club or lead to possible injury and  report such circumstances to the Board of Directors.

d.         Enforce all disciplinary action resulting from abuse of the rules of the game or the policies of the Sault Ringette Club.

e.         Work in conjunction with ORA contacts in disciplinary acts when required.


              2007.02.1.11 The Referee in Chief shall under the Vice-President:

a.         Attend all Board of Director meetings

b.         Be responsible for all officials in the Sault Ringette Club including the advancement of their skill levels.

c.         Be responsible for minor officials (timekeepers and scorekeepers), including advance of skill levels.

d.         Be responsible for scheduling officials

e.       Perform other duties as assigned.

f.         Assist the treasurer by providing a budget for the referees in each season.



By-Law 2007-03

Appointment of Auditors


2007.03.1        The members of the Sault Ringette Club at the Annual General Meeting each year shall appoint an auditor for the purposes of auditing the books, records, and financial statements for the Corporation, unless the members at the Annual General Meeting, by majority vote, dispense with the necessity of appointing such an auditor by empowering the Board of Directors to do so.

 By-Law 2007-04

Fiscal Year


2007.04.1        The fiscal year shall be from May 1st to April 30th.


By-Law 2007-05 Meetings


Annual General Meeting

2007.05.1.1   There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the membership of the Sault Ringette Club held prior to June 15th of each year as determined by the Board of Directors.

2007.05.1.2   It shall be the responsibility of the Board of Directors to present proposals at this last named meeting of the Board of Directors to be enacted in the following season.


Special Meetings


      Special Meetings shall be defined as a meeting of the membership duly called and convened within thirty (30) days for the purpose of dealing with a specific item or items of an emergency nature.  A meeting can be called by petition with a minimum of fifty (50) member’s signatures.  Notice of the nature of such specific items shall be circulated to the General Membership at least fifteen days (15 prior to the date of the meeting.)


Board of Director Meetings


       Board of Director Meetings shall be called at the direction of the President, as business of the club warrants, but no less frequently then monthly at a regularly stated time and place.


Amendments to the Constitution


      The Constitution shall not be altered except at an Annual Meeting and a notice of the proposed alteration shall be given to the Recording Secretary in writing by a member in good standing at least two (2) weeks before the day of the meeting.  The Recording Sectretary shall notify the Executive of the proposed changes.        


By-Law 2007-06



The Sault Ringette Club’s income shall be obtained from member fees, private and public grants, and from any other appropriate sources subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, which will in turn have power to make expenditures for the purpose of furthering the objectives of the Sault Ringette Club within the permitted means of a non-profit corporation.


By-Law 2007-07

General Membership


1.   Each player shall pay fees based upon the requirements as directed on an annual basis by the Board of Directors.

2.   One parent/guardian of each registered player shall be entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting.  All memberships except Honourary Life Members shall expire June 30th of each year unless renewed.

3.   Other individuals who may in the opinion of the Board of Directors add value to the Corporation may be accepted for membership provided that a membership fee as set by the Sault Ringette Club is paid.

4.   Acceptance of the membership shall be at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors whose decision shall be final.

5.   A member of Sault Ringette Club shall:

      a.   Accept and abide by the constitution and bylaws.

      b.  Be entitled to vote, move, second, speak to resolutions, hold office and attend meetings of the Sault Ringette Club.

     c.  Be entitled to attend Sault Ringette Club Board of Director meetings by submitting a written request in advance detailing the member’s purpose in attending and the proposed agenda item for discussion.

6.   Honourary membership may be provided by unanimous vote of the Board of Directors in recognition of the distinguished service to Ringette.  Benefits to be enjoyed by such membership shall be stipulated at the time of presentation. The deadline for membership in the Sault Ringette Club shall be December 31st of the current season. 


By-Law 2007-008

 Standing Committees:

1.                  Standing Committees may include, but shall not be limited to, Coaching and Athlete Development, Promotions/Publicity and Disciplinary Committee.  Each standing committee will include a co-ordinator, a member of the Board of Directors and such other members as the Co-ordinator in conjunction with the Board of Directors may require.

2.                  All Standing Committees are responsible to the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors can remove committee members or add committee members as may be required.

3.                  Ad Hoc committees shall be appointed by the Board of Directors as required.  Duties for such committees shall be prescribed by resolutions which create them.



By-Law 2007-009

Player Awards:

Sault Ringette Club Selection of Player Awards


1.                  Each player will receive one ballot in which to vote for their Team Player awards.  The ballot will then be returned to the appointed team representative in a sealed envelope for tallying by the Awards Coordinator.  Results of the voting will be announced at the Year End Banquet.

2.                  Esso Medals – the Esso Medals are awarded to three athletes on each team.  The winners are determined by sealed ballot filled out by the players.  It is a good idea if the younger athletes are counselled by their parents.  The categories for the medals are:

a.   Most dedicated, Most Improved, and Most Sportsmanlike

3.                  League awards will be awarded for the categories of:

a.   Most Sportsmanlike

b.   Best defensive

c.   Most Dedicated with the following criteria:

i. Each coach nominates three candidates from opposing teams ranked in order of preference for each Ontario Ringette Age Division ie. Bunny, Novice, Petite, Junior, Bell, Open.

ii.The nominees shall have exhibited a high degree of sportsmanship, striven for personal excellence, contributed to teamwork and team spirit.

iii.The Board of Directors will determine the award winners based on the nominations.

4.                  Unsung Hero Award – awarded by the coach to

a.   a player on the coaches team who is always contributing to the team

b.   has a high degree of sportsmanship

c.   striven for personal excellence but has not been recognized by a league award. 

i. Coaches will submit 3 ranked candidates from their own team for this award. 

ii.The Winner will be selected by the Awards Coordinator following determination of the division awards.

5.                  Volunteer Award – each year, written nominations are encouraged from the local Ringette community. 

a.   Nominees will be considered using, but not limited to, the following guidelines:

i. Must display an excellent rapport with players, parents, coaches, and referees.       

ii.Must have contributed to the development of Ringette within the community.

iii.Must embody Ringette’s philosophy of fair play, teamwork and sportsmanship

iv.Must not have won this award for the past three years.


By-Law 2007-010

Staffing/Volunteer Qualifications


All team staff applicants and volunteers will be required to undergo a criminal records check.  These checks will be confidential and will be screened as recommended by the Board of Directors.  Any member of, or applicant for the Sault Ringette Club may be disqualified from active participation for the following reasons:

a.         Conviction for sexual assault, assaults, any serious criminal offences, any offences involving minors and/or any history of violence.

b.         Any recent convictions for other offences will be considered for frequency and seriousness however may not result in disqualification.













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